Past Graduates

Last NameFirst NameAwardedAdvisorThesis TitleInitial Placement
Pan Lemeng Aug 2016 B. Kedem Semiparametric Methods in Estimation of Tail Probabilities and Extreme Quantiles Allergan Corp.
Rankel Peter Aug 2016 E. Slud/J. Conroy Statistical Analysis of Text Summarization Evaluation TBD
Galagate Douglas May 2016 P. Smith/J. Schafer Causal inference with a continuous treatment and outcome: Alternative estimators for parametric dose-response functions with applications US Census Bureau, Washington, DC
Xue Zhenyi Dec 2015 P. Lahiri Bayesian Model to Estimate Inbreeding Coefficient for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Collected from Complex Survey  
Shen Meiyu May 2015 E. Slud/E. Russek -Cohn Statistical Methods in Bioequivalence Studies Mathematical Statistician, FDA
Tcheuko Lucas Dec 2014 M. Freidlin/ L. Koralov Asymptotic Problems for Stochastic Processes and Corresponding Partial Differential Equations Mathematical Statistician, FDA
Tian Yue Dec 2014 P. Smith Functional Principal Component Analysis with Application to Viewership of Motion Pictures Data Analyst, Freddie Mac, VA
Dayaratna Kevin Aug 2014 B. Kedem Contributions to Bayesian Statistical Modeling in Public Policy Research Senior Statistician and Research Programmer, Center for Data Analysis, Heritage Foundation
Ji Ran Aug 2014 X. He/ A. Kagan Semiparametric Threshold Regression Analysis for Time-to -Event Data Principal Statistician, GlaxoSmithKline, PA
Lee Jong Jun Aug 2014 M. Freidlin/ S. Cerrai Small Mass Asymptotics for
Problems in Stochastic Differential Equations
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
Nam Kijoeng Aug 2014 P. Smith/D. Dolgopyat Dimension Reduction in Inverse Spline Regression ORISE Post Doctoral Fellow, FDA/CBER/OBE
Sotiris Ekaterina Dec 2013 E. Slud/W. Bell Outlier Modeling for Spatial Gaussian Random Fields Senior Research Associate, Economic Systems, Inc., Falls Church, VA
Yan Jin May 2013 P. Smith/M. Wedel Reversible Jump Hidden Markov Model Analysis of Longitudinal Data with Medical Applications Financial Economist, Fannie Mae, Washington, DC
Zhou Wen May 2013 B. Kedem Out of Sample Fusion Senior Statistician, Otsuka Inc., Rockville, MD
Ha Neung Soo May 2013 P. Lahiri   Post-Doc, NISS
Li Jing May 2013 P. Smith Analysis of Repeated Measures in the Presence of Missing Observations  
Franco Carolina Aug 2012 A. Kagan Selected Problems in Multi-Sample Statistical Inference U.S. Census Bureau
Suntornchost Jiraphan Aug 2012 E. Slud Analysis of Models for Epidemiologic and Survival Data Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Li Bo Aug 2011 P. Smith Nonparametric Estimation and Testing of Interaction in Generalized Additive Models Statistical Reviewer, CDER/Office of Biostatistics, FDA
Voulgaraki Anastasia Aug 2011 B. Kedem Semiparametric Regression & Mortality Date Prediction Manager-Special Projects, Liberty Mutual
Sur Ritaja Dec 2010 B. Kedem Statistical Analysis of Eye Gaze Data Statistician, Demandtec
Tomasetti Cristian Dec 2010 D. Dolgopyat/D. Levy Detecting and Correcting Errors in Genome Assemblies  
Li Ziliang Aug 2010 E. Slud Minimum Disparity Estimator for Continuous time  Stochastic Volatility Models Biometrician Biostatistics, Merck, NJ
Tang Min Aug 2010 E. Slud/R. Pfeiffer Goodness-of-fit Tests for Generalized Linear Models Research Fellow, Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center
Wang Wen-Chyi Dec 2009 G. Yang Regularized Variable Selection in Proportional Hazards Model Using Area under Receiver Operating Characteristic Criterion Biostatistician, Human Genome Sciences, Rockville, MD 
Janicki Ryan Aug 2009 A. Kagan Statistical Inference Based on Estimating Functions in Exact and Misspecified Models Mathematical Statistician, Census Bureau
Kim Hyejin May 2009 M. Freidlin Asympototic Problems for Stochastic Processes and Related Differential Equations  IMA New Directions Postdoc, Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, Minneapolos, MN
Song Xin May 2009 P. Smith A New Scheme for Monitoring Multivariate Process Dispersion Senior Statistician, Capital One
Spiliopoulos Konstantinos May 2009 M. Freidlin Asymptotic Problems For Stochastic Processes With Reflection And Related Partial Differential Equations Prager Assistant Professor, Brown University 
Tang Guojing May 2009 D. Madan/B. Kedem Discrete Time Stochastic Volatility Model Senior Quantitative Analyst, BG Group, Houston TX 
Mai Yabing May 2008 E. Slud Comparing Survival Distributions in the Presence of Dependent Censoring: Asymtotic Validity and Bias Correction of the Logrank Test Biometrician, Merck Research Labs
Yu Tinghui May 2008 A. Kagan Estimation Theory of a Location Parameter in Small Samples Postdoc, SUNY-Binghamton
Li Huilin Dec 2007 P. Lahiri Small Area Estimation: An Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Prediction Approach NIH PostDoc
Lu Guanhua Dec 2007 B. Kedem Asymptotic Theory in Multiple-Sample Semiparametric Density Ratio Models and Its Application to Mortality Forecasting Sr. Statistician, Claim Department/Research, Travelers Companies, Hartford CT 06183
Min Min Dec 2007 P. Smith Asymptotic Normality in Generalized Linear Mixed Models FDA
Tate Calandra Dec 2007 E. Slud, B. Dorr An Investigation of the Relationship Between Automated Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics and User Performance on an Information Extraction Task    
Ganesh Nadarajasundaram Aug 2007 Slud/Lahiri Small Area Estimation and Prediction Problems Research Associate, National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS), US Dept. of Agriculture, Vienna, VA
Wen Shihua Aug 2007 B. Kedem Semi-Parametric Cluster Detection Research Statistician, R&D/Statistics, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL 60064
Wang Shanshan May 2007 W. Jank/ P. Smith Exploring and Modeling Online Auctions using Functional Data Analysis Sr. Statistician, Modeling & Analytical Services, DemandTec, Inc. 1 Circle Way, Suite 200, San Carlos CA 94070
Chen Zhiwei Aug 2006 M. Freidlin Asymptotic Problems Related to Smoluchowski-Kramers Approximation   
Guo Haiming Dec 2005 B. Kedem Generalized Volatility Model and a New Semiparametric Model to Calculate Value at Risk    
Chen Ru Aug 2005 E. Slud Model Misspecification with Parameters of Increasing Dimension Glaxo-Smith-Kline
Chen Te-Ching Aug 2005 P. Smith Estimating Common Odds Ratio with Missing Data Consulting Firm, Working for BLS
Tsou Hsiao-Hui (Sophie) Aug 2005 E. Slud Factor Analysis of Cross-Classified Data Post-Doc, Div. of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, National Health Research Institutes, TAIWAN
Gagnon Richard Edward May 2005 B. Kedem Certain Computational Aspects of Power Efficiency and of State Space Models    
Yang  Zhihui May 2005 M. Freidlin Exit problems and stochastic resonance for a class of random perturbations Tenure-Track Professor, Western Illinois University
Cohen Freue Gabriela Dec 2004 P. Smith On Robustness in some extended regression models  PostDoc, Statistics Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.
Jiang Xiaoping Dec 2004 P. Smith Nonparmetric Quasi -liklihood for Longtitudinal Data FDA
Cheng Yang Aug 2004 E. Slud Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Computation in a Random Effect Factor Model Mathematical Statistician, United States Postal Service, Arlington, VA.
Ren Huaizhong Aug 2004 M. Freidlin Autonomous Stochastic Perturbations of Hamiltonian Systems Asst. Professor, Mathematics and Physics, The Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN
Jackson Monica Christine May 2003 E. Russek-Cohen Spatial Data Analysis For Discrete Data On A Lattice    
Wu  Yougui May 2001 G. Yang Estimation in Genral Regression Models Based on Case-Control Family Data Dept of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, College of Public Health, Univ. of South Florida, Tampa, FL 33612-Research Faculty
Wright George Wilford Dec 2000 E. Slud Efficient Semi-parametric Estimation Via Finit Dimentional Likelihoods Biometric Research Branch, National Cancer Institute -PostDoc
Leifer Eric Aug 2000 E. Slud Optimal Two-Look Group Sequential Procedures Office of Biostatistics Research, National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute, Bethesda, MD
Weems Kimberly Aug 2000 P. Smith On Robustness against Misspecified Mixing Distribution in Generalized Linear Mixed Models   
Kozinstev Boris Aug 1999 B. Kedem Computations with Gaussian Random Web Engineer-Block Financial Group, Cambridge, MA 
Hwang Yi -Ting May 1999 G. Yang Some Finite Sample Results in the Left-Truncation and Right-Censored Model Biostatistician/Research Instructor-Georgetown University School of Medicine, DC 
Zhong Zhenshao May 1999 G. Yang Goodness-of-Fit Tests with Application to Lifetime Data George Washington Univ. Biostatistic Center, DC 
Pfeiffer Ruth Aug 1998 M. Freidlin Statistical Problems for Stochastic Processes with Hysteresis Fellow-National Cancer Insitute, Bethesda, MD
Jeffries Neal May 1998 B. Kedem Logistic Mixtures of Generalized Linear Model Time Series National Institutes of Health
Chung Yu-Fen (Carol) Dec 1997 P. Smith A Central Limit theorem for Spatial Regression Based on Generalized Estimating Equations Biostatistician-CDAC, Boston, MA
De Oliveira Victor Aug 1997 B. Kedem Prediction in Some Classes of Non-Gaussian Random Fields National Institute of Statistical Sciences, NC
Kopylev Leonid Aug 1997 E. Slud On Estimation of the Marginal Survival Function in the Cox Model National Institutes of Health
Fokianos Konstantinos Aug 1996 B. Kedem Categorical Time Series:  Prediction and Control Post-doc, Ohio State
Liu Ning May 1995 R. Syski Decomposition Theorems for Standard Processes  
Tzavelas George Aug 1994 A. Kagan Parameter Estimation: Quasi-Likelihood, Generalized Linear Models, Semiparametric Models and Exponential Families  
Xu Jian-Lun Aug 1993 G. Yang Nonparametric Estimation of a Distribution Function in Biased Sampling Models Math. Dept., U. of Houston
Chen Gang Aug 1992 G. Yang A Conditional Bootstrap Procedure and its Asymptotic Accuracy: A Nonparametric Approach  
Karagrigoriou Alexandros Aug 1992 C. Z. Wei Asymptotic Efficiency of Model Selection Procedures in Time Series  
Vonta Filia Aug 1992 E. Slud Efficient Estimation of a Structural Parameter in a Non-Proportional Hazards Model in the Two-Sample Problem  
Carmona Sara May 1992 M. Freidlin A Large Deviations Principle and Wave Front Propagation for a Reaction-Diffusion Equation  
Lopes Silvia Dec 1991 B. Kedem Spectral Analysis in Frequency Modulated Models  
Pavlopoulos Haralabos Dec 1991 B. Kedem Statistical Inference for Optimal Thresholds  
Troendle James Dec 1991 B. Kedem An Iterative Filtering Method of Frequency Detection in a Mixed Spectrum Model NICHD, NIH
Graubard Barry Aug 1991 P. Smith Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Complex Survey Data with Biomedical Applications Nat. Cancer Inst., NIH
Lee Sangyeol Aug 1991 C. Z. Wei Testing Gaussianality of Time Series  
Perry Elgin Aug 1991 E. Russek -Cohen Distributional Properties of Parameters Derived from Leslie Matrix Models   
Chen Sy-Mien Dec 1990 P. Smith Robust Tests in Statistical Quality Control Math. Dept., Fu-Jen U., Taiwan
Martin Donald Dec 1990 B. Kedem Estimation of the Minimal Period of Periodically Correlated Sequences  
Koutsoukos Antonis Aug 1990 E. Slud Probabilities of Moderate and Large Deviations of Test Statistics and Estimators in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters  
Wang Wenyu May 1990 G. Yang Statistical Inference for Aggregated Markov Processes  
Guo Meihui Aug 1989 C. Z. Wei Inference for Nonlinear Time Series  
Lee Chin San Aug 1989 G. Yang Parameter Estimation in Branching Processes with Application to Tumor Growth  
Foster Dean Aug 1988 G. Yang Conditional Least Squares for Semi-martingales Stat. Dept, Penn
Myers Margaret Aug 1988 P. Smith Robustness of Design in Misspecified Logistic Regression Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Texas, Austin
Cai Haiyan May 1988 R. Syski On Reviving Markov Processes and Applications Math. Dept., U of Missouri, St. Louis
Donaldson Ana May 1988 P. Smith Nonparametric Estimation in a Survival/Sacrifice Experiment  
Monsour Michael Aug 1986 P. Mikulski Optimality and Other Asymptotic Properties of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator in the First Order Autoregressive Process  
Winnicki Jan May 1986 C. Z. Wei A Unified Estimation Theory for the Branching Process with Immigration Statistics Dept., Columbia
Chan Ngai Hang Aug 1985 C. Z. Wei Asymptotic Inference of Nonstationary Autoregressive Processes Hlavaty Post-Doc, Indiana U.
Chang Myron May 1984 G. Yang Nonparametric Estimation for Doubly Censored Data Statistics Dept., U of Florida
Reed George Dec 1983 B. Kedem Some Properties and Applications of Higher Order Crossings   
Conner Teresa Dec 1981 G. Yang A Heteroscedastic Model Arising from Dependence Between the Mean and the Variance  
Rosen Julie Ann Dec 1981 R. Syski The Fortet Integral with Respect to a Martingale  
Lakatos Edward Dec 1978 P. Smith Undiminished Residual Effects Designs and Their Applications to Survey Sampling US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Rubinstein Lawrence Aug 1978 G. Yang Nonparametric Estimation of the Survival Function for Censored Data Nat. Cancer Inst., NIH
Fleming Thomas R. Dec 1976 G. Yang Non-Parametric Estimation for Non-Time-Homogeneous Markov Processes in the Problem of Competing Risks Mayo Clinic
Bushar Harry Aug 1976 R. Syski Continuous Parameter Markov Chains, Classification of Boundary Points and Use of Local Time  
Harrington David P. Aug 1976 R. Syski Limit Theorems for Continuous Time Markov Branching Processes with Varying and Random Environments Univ. of Virginia
Kolmus Peter Aug 1975 R. Syski Extension Theorems for Choquet Capacities with Applications in Probability Theory  
Wiener Kenneth May 1975 P. Mikulski Modified Approximate Efficiencies for General Location Problems Montgomery College
Wieand Harry (Sam) Dec 1974 P. Mikulski On a Condition under Which the Pitman and Bahadur Approaches to Efficiency Coincide Univ. of Pittsburgh
Archambault William Dec 1972 P. Mikulski On Bounds for the Asymptotic Power and on Pitman Efficiencies for the Cramer-von-Mises Tests  
Brooks Lowell Jun 1970 K. Daniel Linear Programs for the Solutions of Discrete Dynamic Programming and Markov Renewal Programming Problems  
Blake Louis Aug 1969 R. Syski The Preservation of Regularity of Conditional Probabilities  
Yu Chin-Shih Aug 1969 P. Mikulski On Upper Bounds of Asymptotic Power and on Pitman Efficiencies of Kolmogorov and Smirnov Tests  
Kalish George Jun 1969 P. Mikulski The Asymptotic Efficiency of the Smirnov Test  
Schachtman Richard H. Aug 1968 R. Syski Stochastic Stieltjes Integrals  
Kaplan Harold Jun 1967 P. Mikulski Large-Sample Tests of Expectations in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters