Statistics Program

Welcome to the Statistics Program

University of Maryland's Department Statistics Program offers the degrees of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy for graduate study and research in Statistics and Probability. Applied and theoretical courses prepare students for careers in academia, government, and industry. The Program’s flexible design accommodates students with varied backgrounds and interests.

Graduate students in the STAT Program find that the combination of rigorous classes, faculty-student Research Interaction Teams (RIT’s), computational support, and thesis research prepare them well for the job market. The Program also offers students from other disciplines a variety of courses to supplement their own field of study.

All recent graduates have found good positions in academia, government, or the private sector. In particular, the nearby presence of the federal government offers almost unlimited opportunities for graduates with advanced degrees in statistics.


Our PhD program in Statistics aims to create a bridge between tradition and modernity in statistics.  The students will receive rigorous training in both classical and modern theory and methods in statistics. Our faculty have strong expertise in broad areas of statistics, machine learning and data science ranging from survey statistics, censor statistics, data linkage, survival analysis to empirical processes, learning theory, Bayesian statistics, network analysis, geometry & statistics, and other modern topics such as foundational aspects of deep learning.  This program is designed to equip our Ph.D. candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary for academic roles within university departments and for research positions in industry and government sectors.



Our master’s degree program can help prepare you for today’s competitive job market. It features training in theory and methods in statistical inference as well statistical computations through our well-designed graduate courses. Students will also have ample opportunities to gain experience in research through projects and writing scholar papers. The length of the program is approximately two years and requires no qualifying exam, where they will be exposed to rigorous coursework, seminars, and Research Interaction Teams. UMD's master’s program has the unique advantage of being in the DMV area, providing access to an array of valuable internship and job opportunities through our esteemed industry and government partnerships.



Biostatistics/Bioinformatics is an important research field in Statistics with immensely broad applications in public health, medical, and biological research. Bioinformatics is an emerging field with rapid development and has significant overlap with Biostatistics. The new Bioinformatics/Biostatistics (STAT-BB) concentration addresses the increasing research opportunities and the educational needs of this burgeoning field. To learn more details and information about STAT-BB Program, please visit the following.



The Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation (AMSC) Program allows students great flexibility in pursuing their diverse research interests. AMSC has ~150 faculty from 40 different departments across UMD to promote training in interdisciplinary research. The Applied Statistics oncentration within the AMSC program emphasizes acquisition of advanced training in the area of statistical application along with statistical topics and development of math and computing skills necessary for the modern applied statistician.